Dear Valued Supplier:

MasterBrand Suppliers are a vital part of our supply chain and business, directly contributing to our ability to meet and exceed our 4 Basics. With this in mind, MasterBrand has updated our supplier policies and website to improve access and clarity of our expectations. Our policies are to assist Masterbrand Suppliers in their understanding, application and adherence to requirements regarding specific management, communication and compliance processes.

MasterBrand has also launched a supplier portal which allows suppliers to manage their corresponding data. This will include supplier contact information and compliance related information associated with the MasterBrand program. Registered users can also utilize the new system to submit supplier requests which will facilitate more effective communication with the MasterBrand sourcing team. We feel our new portal will provide MasterBrand with a more accurate database and provide future strategic enhancements opportunities.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our business. Should you have any questions regarding the content of our website or policies, please feel free to contact your sourcing representative.

Kevin Mair
VP Strategic Sourcing
MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

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